A simple way to RELIEVE STRESS….

Feeling stressed out? Worried? Anxious?

It’s amazing how quickly we can feel those terrifying emotions.  Imagine your stress as a glass of water that you are holding. Even if the glass has a little bit of water, if you never put it down the weight will become unbearable.  A simple way to relieve the stress and solve the terrifying emotions in 60 seconds or less is by two words.  Think of a single positive word that makes you feel happy and confident (like positivity or joy, or peace).  Next, think of another word that captures a feeling you want to get rid of (like negativity, fear, stress).  Now, close your eyes, yawn  5 times, stretch your body very gently by moving super-slowly (ex: 45 seconds to gently roll your head in one complete circle), and then spend a minute or two checking in with your five senses (Sight, sound, touch, taste, breath) . The yawning immediately gets rid of neurological stress, the super slow stretching allows time for your brain to send a relaxation signal to tense muscles, and sensory awareness brings you into the present moment where you do your best thinking and problem solving.

Now take those two opposite words you thought of earlier and put those words into this sentence: “I breathe in _____, I breathe out _____. Example: “I breathe in peace, I breathe out stress;” “I breathe in positivity, I breathe out negativity.” Experiment by plugging in different words and notice which ones make you feel warm and relaxed. Keep repeating the mantra for about 1-2 minutes or as long as you wish, and then throw yourself back into your work with as much intensity as possible. You’ll find that your mind is refreshed, you are more in the present moment and your work becomes more productive. Repeat this exercise at least once an hour, whenever you feel stress building.

As Herb Benson’s research at Harvard shows, this generates peak performance at work. The repetition of positive “value” words also turns on 1200 stress reducing genes. . If you wake up at night, use the same strategy and you’ll quickly fall back to sleep.