49 Random things about me
Call me Laurie, but I’ll respond to Lars.
Too much sun, not enough sleep, too much stress and I’m a little crabby (That never happens…..).
I love the ocean.
I love to sleep with the windows open.
I never take naps (but after some vacations in cape cod, I’m learning that I’m missing out)
I can never arrange furniture just once.
I was born in 1974. In Germany.
I love the smell of the fireplace in the winter.
I live in South Florida and have a real wood burning fireplace.
I love the winter.
I’ll never own a minivan (isn’t there a saying “never say never”?).
I have my motorcycle license (I even owned a motorcycle for a short period).
I played the flute for 5 years.
I’m the mother of two.
I have no tattoos.
I have an irrational fear of driving over high bridges.
I love to turn my stereo on really loud and sing and dance through out the house (like I know what I’m doing. The verdict is still out).
I life to surf and desperately want to catch my own wave and not fall (still learning).
I’m much better at snowboarding than surfing.
My husband and I met at Dewey Beach. Our first dog was named Dewey.
I learned to scuba dive in Belize. I’ve never done it again.
I graduated from Georgetown University.
I love outdoor showers.
I love to play Bruce Springstein music really loud.
I collect sand (from places we’ve visited).
I took a basket weaving class in Virginia when I was in middle school (YES a LONG time ago) with my grandmother and loved it.
I love NYC.
When I was young I wanted to be an artist.
I played basketball and rowed on the crew team in high school.
I spent my senior year of high school at a boarding school in England.
My favorite color is blue.
I learned to kite surf.
My husband is a pilot and I’ve never been flying with him.
I want to take flying lessons.
I’m envious of people who are calm in turbulence on an airplane.
I was diagnosed with Lupus at 21 (explains #2).
I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii. When I do, I’m booking a one-way ticket/fare.
I love fashion and nightlife but I’m most comfortable at home in my jammies.
I love any non-fiction related to climbing Mt Everest.
On my bucket list is to see Mt Everest (just from the bottom-after all of the books I’ve read I have no desire to climb it)
The closest I’ve gotten to Everest is seeing Sir Edmund Hillary speak about his 1st climb.
I love to comb the beach for shells with my girls.
I have yet to find a shark’s tooth. (My girls have a jar of ones they have found. Convinced they are planted.)
I love Halloween.
I love to travel.
I have a Golden Retriever who I think is part human.
My first CD was Bob Marley and my senior quote in high school was “we only live to learn to love”. (peace girl or what?)
I work in the pharmaceutical industry during the day. At night and the weekends I’m a creativity and life balancing coach, helping others live their potential and dreams.
I love to run.

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