A simple way to RELIEVE STRESS….


Feeling stressed out? Worried? Anxious?

It’s amazing how quickly we can feel those terrifying emotions.  Imagine your stress as a glass of water that you are holding. Even if the glass has a little bit of water, if you never put it down the weight will become unbearable.  A simple way to relieve the stress and solve the terrifying emotions in 60 seconds or less is by two words.  Think of a single positive word that makes you feel happy and confident (like positivity or joy, or peace).  Next, think of another word that captures a feeling you want to get rid of (like negativity, fear,…

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Love What You Do. A Daily Dose of Motivation.


I am OBSESSED with this video. I listen to it before I get my day started – it’s basically on replay daily. Want something to get your motivation and have a dose of inspiration? PRESS PLAY.

Your time is limited so don’t waste it.

My MOTTO is the same:  Love what you do, Don’t Settle, Follow your heart and Listen to your Intuition.

Are you ready?

– press play

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5 differences between Self Esteem and Ego


High self esteem is a pre-requisite for happiness, accomplishment, having empathy for others, and most importantly for our own choices and life.  However, many seem to confuse high self esteem with ego or pride.  And I think it’s important to note that there is a distinct difference and it’s important to understand how come.  Having high self esteem means being competent and having a positive result in every aspect of one’s life.  This includes respecting the rights of everyone around us and being effective in our communication.

People act from their own perspective of how they are currently seeing the…

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Sacrifice. Sometimes we need a Little Motivation

Just under a year ago, I came home frustrated with my life. I felt broken. For years I kept putting off what I wanted to truly do in my life. I wanted to pursue something totally different and out of the box but due to money and my needing to work and provide a stable income it was never an option. This particular day I was faced with a decision. Choose to continue doing what I had been doing but in a different capacity; it was an excellent opportunity for more money, but with that came more travel and…

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